Awareness Raising

Healthy Heads in Trucks and Shed’s aims to collaborate with existing service provides and research institutions to deliver the best recourses to businesses and individuals within the road transport and logistics industries. Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds SuperFriend


The health and wellbeing of heavy vehicle drivers is an issue of vital importance to all Australians. Ensuring drivers are healthy is not only important to them, it is an issue that impacts their families and friends, everyone else on our roads and our nation’s economy as a whole. OzHelp Monash SuperFriend


It has been a challenging year for Australian workers, with many impacted by COVID-19, bushfires, flood and drought. The Commission, in conjunction with the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance, has created a series of evidence-based, easy to use guides to support the mental health and wellbeing of Australian workers and to encourage mentally healthy workplaces during … Continued


Driver fatigue or drowsy driving is an important safety hazard for the road transport industry. Fatigue laws apply to fatigue-regulated heavy vehicles. NRSPP NHVR Fatigue Management


People respond differently to stressful situations. Responses to stress will be determined by the situation faced, past experiences, personality, social support, access to resources and cultural background. What one person finds stressful, another may be more easily able to cope with. Knowing yourself and how you respond to different situations is important as you can … Continued

Well Being

Depression and anxiety are now the leading cause of long-term sickness absence in the developed world. They are also associated with presenteeism, where an employee remains at work despite their condition causing significantly reduced productivity. Black Dog SuperFriend


Most people, whether they have a problem with gambling or not, can relate to the idea that people get excited when they win, and feel disappointed when they lose. Beyond the initial feelings of sadness from losing, when someone has a gambling problem they may feel depressed, as well as perhaps experiencing feelings of shame … Continued


When we’re very anxious, we have intense feelings of worry or distress that are not easy to control. Anxiety can interfere with how we go about our everyday lives, and make it hard to cope with ‘normal’ challenges. Sometimes severe anxiety can develop over time and we may not notice how it’s affecting us. Someone … Continued

Mental Health and Well Being

Maintaining a strong focus on safety from early in an organisation’s existence lays a solid foundation for an ongoing emphasis throughout its life. Everymind Understanding Mental Health and Wellbeing, Tips Best practise mental health language Beyond Blue What is mental health? For Managers For Small Businesses For Employees SafeWork NSW Healthy Heads in Trucks & … Continued


Are you experiencing depression? Do you know someone with depression? Depression is more than just feeling low or sad during tough times. 1 in 6 Australians will experience depression in their lifetime. Lifeline What is depression? Black Dog Depression self test Beyond Blue Anxiety and depression checklist